Beyond The Seas with Below Deck’s Elizabeth Frankini

From Housewives to Southern Charm, one of the main ”anchors” on Bravo television, continues to be “Below Deck”, airing Monday nights at 9pm.

With plenty of waves crashing into Season 8, including an all-new cast under Captain Lee and navigating a global pandemic, there has been one cast member turning heads and earning quite the “buzz” this season.

Long Island native Elizabeth Frankini walked onto “My Seanna“ with certain expectations, but just like the seas, the tide can turn at any moment. With drama unfolding “below deck”, and the breaking news of coronavirus around the globe, she remains focused, dedicated, and hard working to provide an excellent experience for all charter guests boarding the luxurious vessel.

In the interview below, we cover her yachting journey, as well as her passions, perceptions and new projects in life.

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