Buzz: Will Pop-Up Museums Return?

What is a pop-up, you ask? It’s a custom built space, created for fun photographic experiences. Prior to covid, we’d simply hand our smartphones over to a staff member or random stranger and politely ask them to take 100 photos of us, from every angle possible. Of course, none of them looked great, so we needed just ONE more! Can you relate?

Pop-ups trend quickly on social media, with crowds racing to be first in line. These unique backdrops and props are often touched by hundreds of patrons every day, asking the question now... when will pop-up’s return in a safe manner? Will liability insurance outweigh the return on investment? To be continued...

Until then, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and some of my favorites in Los Angeles:

Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills

Museum of Selfies in Hollywood

Museum of Selfies in Hollywood

TacoTopia in Santa Monica

CandyTopia in Santa Monica

Happy Place in Los Angeles

Museum of Ice Cream in LA

Pop-Up Disney in Anaheim

Reputation Pop-Up in Santa Monica

Immersed in Wonderland • Beverly Hills

Immersed in Wonderland • Beverly Hills

Immersed in Wonderland • Beverly Hills

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