Love Island: What Happens in Casa Amor, Stays in Casa Amor?

Love Island, the steamy CBS hit reality show, based in Las Vegas for Season 2, has seen the Desert temperatures steadily rise, and I’m not referring to the Weather Channel.

Sexy singles from across the country have been casted, flown to Vegas, and sitting in quarantine, some arriving as early as mid-July, to follow new production protocols during the pandemic, before taking one step on the rooftop set. Love Island is like a ménage à trois of Big Brother meets The Bachelor meets Survivor. Single guys and girls enter the rooftop villa, mingle, couple up, and compete in challenges, as new flirtatious singles enter the show unexpectedly, trying to slide in between existing relationships, therefore causing recoupling drama. Of course, America votes for their favorites weekly, and some are sent packing, only to be replaced by new stunning and studly singles.

Season 2 kicked off hot, then hit a lull, as steady couples seemingly got very comfortable, appearing to coast to the finish line, with an opportunity to WIN the Grand Prize of $100,000, if they won “America’s Favorite Couple“ vote.

Love Island producers then dropped this seasons biggest turn, “Casa Amor”, a second villa located at The Cromwell, where all the boys would be relocated to, and introduced to a brand new group of sexy ladies. Within the same breath, their significant others would remain in the original “villa” with brand new chiseled guys entering the doors.

Relationships were put to the ultimate test!

Fun facts: the show tapes, and airs with a 24-48 hour production turnaround. There also seems to be a lot of internal support from the cast for sweetheart couple Laurel & Carrington. Questions are mounting about the lasting ability of Johnny & Cely, who from “our perspective” look like a lock, but “may” end up having some loose links???

And of course, what would a Love Island blog be without the mention of Connor and Mackenzie: the on and off, on and off, and on and off couple split while on the show, but with her departure from Love Island last night, both showed tearful emotions saying goodbye, stirring up the possibility of another “back on” relationship, off screen.

I caught up with “Casa Amor” hotties Giniele & Faith, who both enjoyed their short-stint on the show, but ultimately did not spark a long-lasting connection with any of the boys:

Giniele admitted to me, she didn’t really feel anything with the guys inside “Casa Amor”, but nonetheless, still enjoyed making out with all of them during a challenge, agreeing that Johnny had the best lips.

Faith had the epic opening line of “men are like sweaters, you have to try them on, cashmere only”, as she too, test drove the guys with lots of smooching, but no deep connections were made. She is, however, reaching out to several cast members who were also sent home, as many contestants on the show did not have the opportunity to meet, due to the time they entered the show.

With shocking exits, and surprising entries, fans are now left off-balance, truly wondering which couples will find “LOVE”, or “LOVE ME NOT”.

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