“To Be A Legend, You Have To Train Like One” • Jay Cutler

(Fit Expo San Diego with Jay Cutler)

In this journey we call life, we spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years searching for “golden keys” that will open doors of opportunity, and create forever happiness. We far too often search for, and define these “keys” within our careers, within our relationships, within our financial status, within our families, and within our social media following, yet fail to search within the most important place of all: within ourself.

Health, and true happiness starts from within. We can not fully depend on outside influences to heal us, we must ultimately take that initial first step, and believe that we can, and we will. Find that fire, and use it to build yourself up. Be the strongest version of yourself, not for validation, but to smile at your reflection and be truly proud of yourself.

We’ll hustle, grind, race, miss meals, DM, text, E-Mail, Zoom, FaceTime, burn both sides of the candle, and cause sleepless nights to accommodate others, or to meet a deadline, or attend a social gathering, but continuously fail to communicate or listen to the most important voice of all, the one within our body. Start listening to yourself.

We’ve all said it:

“diet starts tomorrow”

“tomorrow, I’m going to the gym”

We all know, tomorrow isn’t promised, so why put the most important “key” of your life on a broken chain?

The link between you, and a healthier body starts today. You literally have the ability to start a new journey right now, this very moment, no excuses, not tomorrow.

Go for a walk, jog, or run. Invest in a gym membership. If you can’t afford a membership, find a friend with a home gym, or just buy some

inexpensive weights to start. Move your body!

While there are millions of social media fitness influencers, training tutorials, workout demos, fat burning infomercials, experienced coaches, certified trainers, and a surplus of supplements on the market, you must realize one thing: patience. There is no private jet to take you to six-pack island, so no matter your goals, you must start with a mind-set that fuels you for consistency, accountability, determination, and success.

Remember: every human body is built slightly different, what works with your best friend, or someone on your social media feed, may not necessarily work for you.

Fitness is not a “copy and paste” routine, it takes time, research, and experience to understand your body, so start light, ask lots of questions, consult with your physician prior, and pace yourself.

Remember, exercise is only about 30% of your journey, as the other 70% is directly targeted at nutrition. Your path to better health is worthless without good nutrition, and even more so, understanding what good nutrition is: what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

Ditch the drive-thru, and walk the produce isles at your grocery store. Choose protein over processed. Toss the sugar, and clear space to spice up your meals.

And lastly, rest. Yes, sleep is a vital part to ensure your body has the ability, and energy to repair, recharge and rock your next workout!

“To Be A Legend, You Have To Train Like One” • Jay Cutler (4-Time Mr. Olympia)